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Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 4th October 2021


What materials are the models made out of?

We use UV-activated resin for our smaller, more highly detailed models. We use different mixes of tough, flexible, and/or durable resins based on what we are printing. For your larger models (Dice Towers, Mythic Mugs, etc) we use PLA or PETG filament, which is lighter and more durable than resin. Both filaments are plastic, however, only PETG is food safe.

What kind of paints can be used on your models?

We have been using acrylic model paints, which have finer particles and more pigments than artist acrylic paints. We have had great results from brands like Vallejo, Army Painter, Citadel, and Scale75. There are many different brands to choose from and all the paints seem to work a little differently, so try them out to figure out which ones you prefer. Make sure to use a Primer first. We haven’t tried any other types of paints, like enamels or oils, however, we will be doing some testing in the future.

Why choose Goblin Alchemist over other companies?

Our main focus since the beginning of Goblin Alchemist is the community. We knew that we wanted to support independent artists and deliver high-quality miniatures to our customers. In time, we want to create a platform for many different artists to show their work and make some money, possibly even seeing the products in local game stores. We knew that we needed to produce highly detailed and durable products to make this community possible. Thankfully, we play tabletop games and RPGs, so we’re able to recognize places we can make improvements (such as adding flexible weapons to all modular models). We will always strive to focus on talented independent artists, expanding to local game stores, and providing top-of-the-line quality to make your experience the best it possibly can be.

What printers do you use? How many do you have?

We use SLA Resin printers and FDM Filament Printers. We currently have an Elegoo Mars, an Epax E10, a Peopoly Phenom L, and three Elegoo Mars 2 Resin printers. We also have a Creality Ender 5-Plus and two Creality Ender 3 FDM printers. This list of printers is constantly growing and updating.

I’m an artist and I would like to be on your website. How do I do that?

Fantastic! We’re always happy to grow our catalog. Whether you’re a 3D or 2D artist, we’d love to see your work. Send your information and portfolio to media@goblinalchemist.com. Please let us know if you currently have a store or if you have a merchant license available (typically through Patreon or MyMinifactory Tribes).

I live right next to a local game store. How can your models get in the store?

Let the owners know that you would like to see Goblin Alchemist on their shelves. We can send them a promo package so they can get a hands-on demo of the models. If you own a game store, please email us at gamestores@goblinalchemist.com and we can discuss wholesale pricing, merchant portal, and set up a demo package for you.

How long does it take for you to print and ship a model?

Typically, it takes 1-5 days for processing and printing then another 1-2 days for packaging and shipping. We will provide a tracking number after it is dropped off at the chosen shipping company. These times are an estimate and can change based on the size of your order and your place in the queue. If there is any sort of delay for any reason, we will email you to explain the situation and provide a new ETA.

If I have an STL file, can you print it for me?

Yes, absolutely. Use this link to our Custom Order, There you can upload the STL to get a rough estimate of the cost. For a more accurate quote, you can send us the STL to look at. Prices will be determined by requested material, print time, amount of material, and if the STL file is pre-supported well. We prefer a . LYS file if you have it, but an STL file will still work fine. We will provide a price and an estimated time with your quote. Typically, printing and processing time will be around two weeks.