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Reward System

Become an Alchemist Today!

When you create an account at Goblin Alchemist you are automatically enrolled as a novice in the Alchemist Guild (our reward system). Do not worry! It’s free and only gives you rewards!

How do you earn points?

We call the points you earn Alchemy Ingredients! Simply put, every order you place gains you 100 points for every $1 you spend.

Alternative ways to earn ingredients

You may earn Alchemy Ingredients in many other ways outside of spending money at our shop! 

This includes getting Alchemy Ingredients by:

  • Celebrating your birthday
  • Writing reviews on our products that you have purchased in the past
  • Logging in your account on our website daily
  • Using your referral link from your dashboard to share with a friend and if they place an order you get Alchemy Ingredients
  • Sharing our website on social media platforms directly from your dashboard.


What Benefits do you get?

As you progress on your journey to becoming a Master Alchemist. The Alchemy Ingredients that you obtain along the way will increase your level and rank as an alchemist up to 20 total levels! Once you obtain a new level you cannot fall below it!

You start off at Novice Level 1.

Every Level you obtain gives you a flat 1% off the entire shop, Up to a max of 20% off at Master Alchemist level 20.

You will also gain exclusive rewards at milestone levels 5,10, and 15. For example: things like permanently increasing the amount of Alchemist Ingredients you get per 1$ spent, as well as many other secret rewards (No spoilers) that you will find out along your journey to becoming a Master Alchemist!

No active discount

Active discount automatically applied

Alternative ways to use ingredients

You may use your earned Alchemy Ingredients for an immediate dollar value off of your cart either at checkout or ahead of time in the cart menu.  You will not lose your current alchemy level no matter how many ingredients you use. However, you will have to recollect ingredients to reach the next advancement.


View your progress anytime on your account dashboard

Alchemist Guild Rank Progression Chart

 You will earn various ranks inside the Alchemy Guild, and because you start automatically as a level 1 Novice Alchemist there are only 4 levels in the first tier.

Novice Alchemist Levels 01-04

Apprentice Alchemist Levels 05-09

Alchemy Scholar Levels 10-14

Expert Alchemist Levels 15-19

Master Alchemist Level 20